Why selling in winter is a great idea

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Winter is typically a slow time of year for real estate sales due to the misconception that it’s best to sell in spring, but selling property in winter offers unique opportunities that would otherwise be missed in the busy warmer months.

In fact, selling property in winter often provides a high sale price as buyer demand is still steady and with fewer properties to choose from, the seller has less competition.

Less homes to compete with = more attention
Because most people think they shouldn’t list their property in winter, there are very few homes to buy during the colder months. However, potential buyers are still on the prowl. With a lot less competition it means a lot more interest in your property; more than you would get in a saturated market.

More motivated buyers
With winter open homes, you are more likely to get motivated buyers, who are actively looking for property. Fewer tyre kickers means a better experience for the qualified buyers, with the likely outcome being they are more willing to pull the trigger and submit an offer.

Stable property value
With less property on the market, yet with stable demand, the rules of supply and demand come into play. With less competition on the market, property owners are able to hold their prices, without having to succumb to competition pressure.

Selling property in winter is a good idea. There are always people looking for real estate at any time of year, and it could work to your advantage.

If I can assist you regarding the sale of your property, please contact me: phone 0400 221 592 or email Jamie.hershman@century21.com.au


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