Readiness (not season) should guide when you sell

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When should I sell my property? It’s one of the most common questions we hear in the real estate industry, with spring usually highlighted as the ideal season for real estate sales. But do we place too much emphasis on the season instead of when we’re actually ready to buy or sell?

A joint study by Monash, Griffith and Swinburne Universities found there were five key measures that affected property buying patterns between 1995 and 2015. The weather was certainly one factor, but others included the new school year, the start of public service contracts, tax time and holiday periods.

The extent of these influences differed from city to city, but in Adelaide, April was subsequently deemed the best month of the year to sell a house, while July was deemed the best month to buy.

Statistics like this definitely make for interesting reading, but at the end of the day there will always be pros and cons to whatever time of year you are considering a property decision.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell, my advice is to base your decision on when you feel ready; when market conditions favour your needs and when you find the property you want at a price that meets your budget.

To that end, always start by doing your research. Get a feel for the market by reviewing relevant property listings in your area, chat to real estate agents at open inspections and keep tabs on sale prices. And be sure to talk to your bank as well to ensure your finances are in order before you make your move.

By doing your homework and then presenting your property appropriately, you’ll always maximise your chances of a better sale – no matter what the season!

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