Should You Buy Or Sell Your House First?

You’re ready to look for your next home –  now comes the all-important question of which comes first? Do you buy the new home first, or sell your current property?

A lot depends on your own circumstances and the current property market, for example whether you are buying or selling in the same area, or whether you are moving to a new location. So to help you make your final decision, consider the following factors carefully and how they affect your specific situation:

How easy is your present home going to be sell?

The average sale time varies from suburb to suburb and from month to month. Your sales agent can advise you about current market conditions, recent comparable sales in your area and the possible demand for your home to help make the decision clearer.

Do you know what your home is worth?

Until you have an approximate value it will be difficult to establish an accurate picture of what you can afford to spend on your next property. Your sales agent can show you a Comparative Market Analysis of what similar properties have sold for in your area in recent times to help you gain an understanding of the potential worth of your property.

What if you sell and don’t find a new home?

If you choose to sell first, you will instantly become a cash buyer and be in a far stronger to purchase as soon as you see what you like. And if you have already done your homework and know the market that you are looking to buy in, you will be ready to confidently take that next step.

What if you haven’t sold and have found your dream home?

The best way to avoid the pressure of confirming the contract on the home you want to purchase and taking the risk your own home will sell in time is to talk to the experts first.

Obtaining quality advice on your own particular situation from your sales agent will enable you to confidently make any final decisions.

What if house prices are rising?

If you’re in a rising market, it could make sense to buy your new home first at its current market value, negotiate a longer settlement, and have your current property potentially rise in value at the same time. In this scenario, you could earn more from selling your existing property after the purchase of your new property.

What if house prices are falling?

Falling house prices is also an indication of a slower market, meaning it could take you longer to sell your existing home, and you’ll be committed to a new property.

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